View Full Version : Hampton Soccer Club new Registration Changes are Horrible!!! Please complain to them.

03-27-2009, 11:47 AM
Here are the changes to Hampton Soccer Club, on top of their registration fees and the $20.00 jersey fee (which you get back at the end of the season if you return your jersey) they have now also added a $40.00 volunteer fee (to be given back at the end of the season). This is absolutely ridiculous because what are the registration fees for????

This means that it will cost a six year old:
$75.00 for registration
$20.00 for Jersey fee
$40.00 for Volunteer fee
total =$135.00 per child

There are not alot of people who can afford this amount, as many have more than one child in soccer. I do not think it is right and really am considering not sending my children this summer as they could go play t-ball for $40.00 for the entire season.

2009 Summer Registration for the Hampton Soccer Club

The Hampton Soccer Club will be holding registration for the 2009 summer season on the following dates:

Saturday, April 4 from 10am-2pm (Hampton Middle School - Front Entrance)
Friday, April 17 from 7pm-9pm (Town Office - Rear Entrance)
Saturday, April 18 from 10am-2pm (Town Office - Rear Entrance)

See the Registration Fees link on www.HamptonSoccer.ca (http://www.hamptonsoccer.ca/) for rates.

Registrations accepted after April 18 will incur a $20 late fee.
There is a $40 Volunteer Deposit per family, volunteer 4 hours to the Hampton Soccer Club in 2009 and receive this deposit back when the Jersey(s) is turned in. Please email the club if you are interested in volunteering.

Players are encouraged to register early as space in some age groups may be limited.

The office is not currently open, but emails will be responded to.

Hampton Soccer Club Executive