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The Cup has been mistreated, misplaced, or otherwise misused on numerous occasions:

* A member of the 1905 Ottawa Silver Seven tried to see if he could drop kick the Cup across the Rideau Canal. The attempt failed, and the Cup was not retrieved until the next day; luckily the canal was still frozen over.[53]
* Weeks after members of the 1906 Montreal Wanderers left it at a photographer's studio, officials learned that the photographer's mother was using the Cup to plant geraniums.[53]
* In 1907, a Kenora Thistles team manager threatened to throw the Cup into the Lake of the Woods in a dispute over the eligibility of two Thistles players.[54]
* Members of the 1924 Canadiens, en route to celebrate their win at owner Leo Dandurand's home, left it by a roadside after repairing a flat tire. The Cup was recovered exactly where they left it.[53]
* In 1925, Lynn and Muzz Patrick, the sons of Victoria Cougars manager-coach Lester Patrick, discovered the Cup in the basement of their home, and scratched their names on it with a nail. In 1940, their names would be properly engraved on it as members of the New York Rangers. They also urinated in the Cup with teammates.[54]
* During 1940-41, the mortgage on the Madison Square Garden was paid. The management publicly celebrated by burning the mortgage in the Cup. Some fans claimed that this act "desecrated" the Cup, leading to the alleged Curse of 1940, which "caused" the Rangers to wait 54 years for another win.[55]
* In 1957, Maurice "Rocket" Richard chipped both of his front teeth while drinking from the Stanley Cup.
* In the Chicago Stadium, in the spring of 1962, the Montreal Canadiens were losing the final game of a Playoff series to the Chicago Blackhawks. A Montreal fan in the stands could not stand it so he left his seat, ran down to the front lobby and broke into the glass showcase where the Stanley Cup was on display. He grabbed the Cup, hoisted it over his shoulders and made for the exit before he was arrested. In court, he explained his behaviour to the judge: "Your honour, I was simply bringing the Cup back to Montreal where it belongs."[56]
* In 1962, the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup. During a party after the win the trophy was dropped in a bonfire and badly damaged. It had to be repaired at the expense of the team.
* In 1964, Red Kelly of the Toronto Maple Leafs posed for a photo with his infant son sitting in the Cup, only to find the child had urinated in it. Kelly was quoted years later as saying it has always since made him laugh to see players drinking out of the Cup.[57]
* The New York Islanders' Bryan Trottier admitted to sleeping with the Cup (as have, apparently, dozens of players).[53]
* Clark Gillies used it as a food dish for his dog;[53] in a similar incident, Guy Lafleur took the Stanley Cup to his family's house in rural Quebec and used it as a bird feeder[citation needed].
* In 1987, the Edmonton Oilers' Mark Messier took it to his favourite club in his hometown of St. Albert and let fans drink out of it. It wound up slightly bent in various places for unknown reasons. It was repaired at a local automotive shop, and shipped back to the Hockey Hall of Fame.[54]
* The 1991 Pittsburgh Penguins and 1993 Montreal Canadiens decided to test its buoyancy by tossing it into Mario Lemieux's and Patrick Roy's respective pools ("The Stanley Cup" noted then-Canadiens captain Guy Carbonneau "does not float.").[53] Dominik Hasek had his visit with the Cup cut short for doing the same.
* After the parade in their honour, members of the New York Rangers took the cup to McSorley's Old Ale House, locked the doors, and for 45 minutes allowed the patrons to hoist it above their heads and drink McSorley's Dark and Light out of it. The New York Post reported the next day that the cup was taken back by the league for "repairs"[citation needed].
* Several New York Rangers took the Cup to Belmont Park, filled it with oats, and let Kentucky Derby winner Go for Gin eat out of it.
* The 1999 Dallas Stars' Stanley Cup party was hosted at the house of Stars defenceman Craig Ludwig and Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul. At the party Stars forward Guy Carbonneau attempted to throw the Cup from the upstairs deck into the house's Crown Royal shaped pool below. The Cup caught the lip of the pool, producing a large dent.
* In 1999 and 2003, the cup made a trip to Joe Nieuwendyk's alma mater, Cornell University, both times visiting a local college bar.
* In 2003, the cup was eaten out of at the local movie theater by Martin Brodeur, and had butter stains and salt damage for the next 8 days before Jamie Langenbrunner cleaned it.
* In 2003, the Cup was slated to make its first-ever visit to Slovakia with New Jersey Devils' Jiri Bicek, but was left behind in Canada; it was on the next flight out of Toronto.
* On August 22, 2004, Walter Neubrand, keeper of the Cup, boarded a plane to Fort St. John, British Columbia to deliver it to Tampa Bay Lightning head scout Jake Goertzen. However, Air Canada officials at Vancouver International Airport removed it before takeoff because of weight restrictions. The Cup spent the night in the luggage area, 1,200 kilometres (750 miles) away. It was flown to Fort St. John the following day.

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