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Default Topic: Fleas and mice in my workplace! What do we do?

Fleas and mice in my workplace! What do we do?

Ok, so now I have your attention, I hope.
Me and my co workers are so disgruntled with our work place right now...we get bit by fleas all day long, and have seen mice here as well. I do not work somewheres small, we are quite large of a corporation.
The carpet here is also nasty. There are stains everywhere, and there is bits of food dug into the carpet. And speaking with people who have been here since it opened, the carpet has never been shampooed or even vacuumed to the best of anyone's knowledge.
We are lost, seriously we have no idea where to go or who to complain to about this. We have cats, dogs, kids, and everything else at home and are to the point where we pretty much strip down nude outside our doors and shower immediately, since we all know how much it can cost to de-flea your house and pets...
If anyone has any idea where we can go for this, please we beg you to tell us, because as far as we are concerned this is totally unsafe and unexcusable.

thank you guys...I hope you can pull through for us like you always do!
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