View Full Version : Advisory Slippery roads and sidewalks -- Jan. 14, 2009

City of SJ News
01-14-2009, 03:40 PM
The City of Saint John is issuing a warning to motorists and especially to pedestrians to anticipate slippery road and sidewalk conditions today and for the next few days given current conditions and forecast for much colder temperatures. Shayne Galbraith, Saint John Works Director, said “the public should anticipate that roads and sidewalks will become extremely slippery as a result of the dip in temperatures”. Galbraith also said that staff will be monitoring conditions and street and sidewalk crews applying sand and salt but sidewalks especially are subject to weather conditions.

“Sidewalks will be particularly troublesome where there is a layer of snow or ice on the surface or where the recent melt has left surfaces wet. Salt is not as effective in low temperatures or with light foot traffic compared with vehicle traffic on streets. Sand can provide a measure of increased traction but repeated applications are often necessary in these conditions. The best plan is to limit walking trips, wear appropriate footwear and be cautious when walking.”

Conditions are not expected to improve until temperatures moderate.

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