View Full Version : Lost Kitty

09-06-2008, 08:49 AM
Hi I lost my cat about 2 days ago ( sept 4) was the last time I saw her. We live on Coster st ( westside) so she's probably around there. She usually doesn't go to far. She's gray and white and comes to the name Kristy. She has a white flea collar on. Please Please Please if anyone saw her call me at 693-1231. Thank you.

09-07-2008, 08:46 PM
I'm now offering a reward to anyone that finds her. Please, I miss her so. Call 693-1231

09-12-2008, 09:18 AM
My cat came back home 7 days later. I am so happy. She lost a little bit of weight but other than that she's clean and looks good. I just wanted to let everyone know. Thanks for looking. A.