View Full Version : Grrrrrrrrrrrr

02-05-2007, 06:36 AM
Here we go again, another week of coooold weather.
This is rediculous , anyone agree?....lol

I hate it !

02-05-2007, 06:51 AM
Winter is here :P We we're very spoiled until last month.
I'd rather see snow than bitter cold temperatures myself but hey it's winter!

02-05-2007, 07:01 AM
anyone agree?....lol

Absolutely not. I love the weather no matter what it is doing. It's good to finally see some snow on the ground, gives me hope for a bearable summer... Cuz I know high june people will be on here saying "it's too darn hot..."

I take it any way I can get it...

02-05-2007, 07:47 AM
We're out in Gondola Point. Yesterday there were snowmobiles and ATV's on the ice, people ice fishing, people shovelling off rinks for their kids to skate on, someone running a dog sled, someone trying paraskiing (on skis, a parachute catching the wind), people cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding.

Buy some warm clothes, go out and have fun like a lot of us are.

02-05-2007, 07:49 AM
I never complain about the heat in the summer. Unless i'm in Ontario..and that's a different kind of heat. I hate being cold...i have winter blankets on my bed in summertime...I just want spring to get here. I don't like snow and don't like cold....blech...:biggrin:

02-05-2007, 02:18 PM
I don't have a problem with having snow, or a good old fashioned snow storm. I love it.
I was referring to the snappin cold temps with winds we've been having . It's miserable all way around. . .

02-05-2007, 02:32 PM
Snappin cold temps with winds is all part of the winter package in Canada :P

02-05-2007, 02:35 PM
I'm not crazy about the cold lol but as a mom of young children I love the snow ( because they do ) I'm not a fan of this extreme cold weather AT ALL because it's too cold to even be out to play !

02-05-2007, 09:09 PM
Sweet sweet cold, i have to say i love it, windows open fans going
lets you know you are still here:)

02-16-2007, 09:12 AM
Winter is great, though -20 +windchill is very hard on the face. You have to be sure you are bundled up and have no skin exposed *picture a skier with full gear*.

-5 or -10 is fairly comfortable if you are doing outdoor sports and are dressed properly and is my prefered temperature for winter.

If you are bored in winter because there's 'nothing to do', pickup a winter sport.

Skiing (alpine or cross country)
Buy a plow and plow your neighbour's driveways :P
4 wheeling

Now, you'd never know it was winter at my girlfriend's apartment. Water-Heated, old windows which don't work correctly and freeze closed (or open) in the winter. Once the windows are frozen closed, the heat gets so high that you feel like your on the top of a volcanoe looking down into the crater at bubbling lava.

I thought you could adjust water heaters but apparently all the adjustments are either stuck because they are painted over 100x or the knobs are broken off. If it was my apartment, I'd have been talking to the landlord long ago.

Anyone else have that problem? lol!

Winter is great. I'd be scared if it wasn't here.