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02-02-2007, 09:16 AM
Just for some basic information..

When you forward or send on an email on that you have received, remember to remove all the previous addresses as well as use the BCC option. This means Blink Carbon Copy…you can forward it to people, just their names will not show to who…which protects them from spammers etc. Not everyone wants their names and addy shared.

Point in fact. I rec’d an email from a good friend who is in Mexico. She did not remove the previous senders list of names.. I recognized one of them as someone I work with.. His name is pretty rare so I know it is him.:eek:

Do you want your name passed on to everyone else including people you don’t know? That is also how spammers get names.:(

So think before you send, remove those names, use the BCC option….and save an addy from being spammed…because it could be yours the next time.