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This page includes:
iSaintJohn is:
  • One of Canada's largest & most active "city sites"
  • The largest site for Saint John with classifieds + discussion
  • A great way to reach thousands of web-savvy people in southern NB

Rates are as little as $5 to $10 per week
$6 per ad
 (depending on ad type or business type)

iSJ Advertising:

Easy, Effective, & Affordable!



This page provides information regarding which types of ads can only be posted if paid for.

Most ads can be posted for free on, but as described in the site rules and forum descriptions, certain ads need to be paid for due to site costs and to maintain fairness for other paying advertisers.

No Junk!  iSJ is one of Canada's best-moderated classifieds sites, which means that "junk ads" and "scam ads" are kept out (unlike most other classifieds web sites).

This helps ensure that your ads aren't "drowned out" by other ads (especially inappropriate ones).


Excellent Value:
In comparison to other advertising methods, the iSJ rates are an excellent value.

  • Radio: Generally $1 per second for each ad.
  • Newspaper: To include a logo or graphics, it's usually hundreds of dollars for a one-time ad.
  • Weekly Newspaper (like the Valley Viewer or Hampton Herald):
     ~$80 for a one-time business-card sized ad

Those are all still great ways to advertise, but iSJ offers the best "bang-for-the-buck" in local advertising!

  • Advertise for a whole month with multiple ads, for just $5 to $10 per week!


Which types of ads require a payment?

  • Commercial Ads: For businesses + individuals (even if they don't have a formal business)
  • Real Estate Ads: Homes / land / other real estate for sale
  • Rental Ads: Homes or other space for rent
  • Job Postings: Ads by employers seeking to hire workers
  • Expensive Items: Any ad for an item costing $1000 or more
    • Exceptions: Ads for cars and car parts/accessories.
  • Any other ad at our discretion
    • In very rare cases, other types of ads may also require a payment in order to be posted.
    • In such a case, we would contact you about your ad and let you know about the fee - you would then have the option to pay and have the ad posted, or not pay and not have it posted.
What is a "commercial" ad?

We consider a commercial ad to be any ad in which a person or business is:
  • Selling a bulk amount of the same item
    (Exception: There is no fee when the items are very inexpensive -- such as $2 each for a few videos, $25 for 100 pins, etc.)
  • Selling brand new items
  • Selling a very high volume of items
  • Selling items bought specifically to resell
  • Selling items they specifically created in order to sell
    (This includes self-made handcrafts, baked goods, etc.)
  • Selling-off business assets
  • Offering services
  • Promoting their clients (e.g. event planning, public relations marketing, etc.)
  • Promoting companies (e.g. as an affiliate, seller of AVON, etc.)
 Please note:  As defined above, ads can be commercial even if you don't have an officially registered business (people engaged in the above sales activities are acting in a commercial manner, even if they don't have a formally registered business).

 In all cases, ads on this site are only allowed at our discretion.


One-Time Ad Info:

Features: The features included in our one-time ad options vary by ad type (see below for details).

Bonus Features: As a paying member on iSJ, you can also use the free bonus features described at the bottom of the page!
(click here to view)

 Discount Option:  In all cases, discounts are available if you purchase more than 1 ad.

Our one-time ad options apply for:

Special Ad Types:
  • Real Estate Ads
        - Features include a featured listing, photos, maps, a special web address, and more
        - Standard rate = $12 to $50 (depending on realty price) for an ad lasting 1 year (or earlier, if you request removal)
    Money-Back Guarantee!

  • Rental Ads
        - Features include a featured listing, photos, maps, a special web address, and more
        - You also get to view our listings of people who are looking to rent (the listings cannot be viewed by non-paying users)
        - Standard rate = $12 for an ad lasting 2 months (or earlier, if you request removal)
    Money-Back Guarantee!

  • Job Postings
        - Features include a featured listing,
    "top ad", and special assistance to enhance your ad
        - Standard rate = $12 to $25 per job, for an ad lasting 2 months (or earlier, if you request removal)

General Ad Types:
  • Expensive Items // Or any other type of ad you would like to enhance
        - Features include a featured listing,
    "top ad", and special assistance to enhance your ad
        - Standard rate = $6 to $25, depending on ad type

One-time ads can also be used for business advertising, although our monthly ad package is generally a better option.

If you're interested in using a one-time ad option, please contact us and we can provide full details (in your message, please also describe the type of ad you would like to post).


Monthly Ad Package Info (best value!)

With our monthly ad package option, you get 5 main features + the 6 bonus features described below.

The rate is just $5 to $10 per week, depending on business type / size. Please contact us for a rate quote.

General Info:

Easy & Instant:
You can easily post ads whenever you want, and edit them at your convenience, 24/7.

Measure & Track:
Online advertising lets you easily measure & track results.

Excellent Search Rankings:
Your ads will get indexed by Google (often within hours) and likely have excellent search rankings.

Great for starting online:
You don't need to already have a web site... you can use our site to advertise online.

And great for expanding online:
If you already have a web site, iSJ will also help improve your search rankings.

The Best "Bang for the Buck" in Local Advertising!
Reach thousands of web-savvy local people for $5 to $10 per week!

Main Features:

1) A "Display Ad"

A "display ad" on the left side, as seen here:

  • We can include a logo/graphics if you email the image(s) to us.

  • If needed, we also offer graphics editting for a small fee (depending on how much editting is required).

2) Business Directory Listing

You can post in the Business Directory here:

3) A "Top Ad" (aka "Sticky Note" ad)

A "Top Ad" (aka "Sticky Note" ad) stays at the top of the listings (it is "stickied" to the top like a post-it note).

Duration of the "Top Ad":

  • It is posted for at least 1 month in the case of an ad package lasting 3 months or less.

  • It is posted for at least 3 months in the case of a 1-year package.

Often, you will get the "Sticky Note" ad feature for your entire ad package duration. But we can only guarantee the above time-lengths, in case at some point there is not enough space for all ads (but you still get the other ad features).

Location of "Top Ads":

  • All ads will be "stickied" in at least the main "For Sale" section (click here to view it), for part or all of their duration.

  • Some ads can be additionally listed in other sections, if they are relevant (example: A computer services ad could also be listed in the Computers/Technology sections [here and here]).

4) Classifieds postings (if applicable)

If your business sells items (rather than services), you can additionally post the items in the relevant classifieds sections, such as:

Special deals can also be posted in the regular classifieds (even for services).

5) Search engine benefits (rankings in Google, Yahoo, etc.)

iSaintJohn advertisers often end up near the top of the search listings when people search for keywords related to their business.

If you have a web site of your own, advertising on iSJ will also help improve your site's search rankings! (so that your site shows up higher in search results).

Please contact us for more details.


Free Bonus Features:

When you make any payment to iSaintJohn, you can also use the free bonus features below (lasting for 1 year *). 

1) Business Username and/or Separate Username:

If you pay $12 or more, you will have permission to:

- Use a business name for your username.

- Use a secondary username (to help keep personal & commercial posts separate, if desired).

* This bonus feature only lasts for the length of your paid ad (afterward, you would have to go back to using a regular username).

2) Lock/Unlock your ads:

If you pay $12 or more, you will have:

The ability to lock/unlock (close/open) your ads. This allows you to control when (or if) people reply in the forums, in case you prefer them to instead reply via private message / email / phone / etc.

3) User Ratings:

If you pay $12 or more, you can:

Post in the User Ratings to write about your experience dealing with other users (whether good, bad, or neutral; who to avoid; etc.).

4) Signature:

If you pay $25 or more, you can:

Enhance your advertising with a signature that can be automatically inserted at the bottom of any posts you want. Example:

5) Avatar:

If you pay $25 or more, you can:

Enhance your advertising with an avatar (profile image) that can be automatically inserted beside your username. Example:

6) Photo Attachments:

If you pay $25 or more, you can:

Save time and improve your ad's effectiveness with our built-in photo attachment feature!


Paying advertisers are the first ones to get access to new features as the site grows.

* The signature and avatar features can only be used in a commercial manner when you have an "active" paid ad.
In any other case, you can still use your bonus features in a non-commercial way. For example:
   - for the avatar / profile image, you could use a funny picture instead of your business logo
   - for the signature, you could use a funny saying or a neat picture instead of your business logo & information


Payment Options:

Online: Interac EMT By Mail: Cheque or Money Order

>> By Interac EMT (email money transfer):

We accept payments securely online by Interac EMT (Email Money Transfer)


  • Secure -- It's the safest way to pay online!

  • Fast & Easy -- It only takes a couple of minutes

  • Part of Online Banking -- The "Big 5" Canadian banks (Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Royal Bank, Scotiabank, &  TD Canada Trust) offer it through their online banking sites.

  • More control for you -- The payment is sent straight from your online banking account - this way, you don't have to input your financial information on other web sites.


Links to information from Interac and the banks:

To pay this way:

  • To send an EMT, you just login to your online banking account like normal, and select the "Interac Email Money Transfer" option.

  • Please contact us for specific info for filling-in the recipient details, and/or for more info on how the process works.

>> By Cheque or Money Order

We also accept cheques or money orders (mailed to us), but there's a delay in that case for the mailing time. For new clients, we also prefer to wait for the cheque to clear (but there is no wait with a money order).

To pay this way:

  • Please first send us an email or PM (private message) to confirm ad fees / rates.

  • Make your payment payable to: GammaWave Internet Solutions

  • We are currently not setup to receive dropped-off payments, so please mail your payment to:

    GammaWave Internet Solutions
    140J Hampton Road
    Suite 309
    Rothesay, NB
    E2E 5Y3


How to get started:

Please contact us to let us know:

- The type of paid ad you would like to post
- Some general information about the products/services you would like to advertise.

...and we'll be able to provide you with more details about specific ad options and how they can help you.

More info:

If you have any questions after reviewing this page, please contact us and we'd be glad to help!

Thank You

Other Details:

The rates listed on this page are accurate as of January 2010 and are the rates that apply in most cases. While we will generally ensure they are kept up-to-date, they are subject to change without notice. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to (1) reject ads, for reasons such as [but not limited to] conflicts with the site rules, or (2) charge different rates, for reasons such as [but not limited to] the amount being sold, the total value of the items, or conflicting services.

Except when a money-back guarantee is specifically offered or in unusual cases (solely at our discretion), payments are non-refundable. We do try to be very fair to advertisers, but the above policy is in place to prevent abuse of our services (for example, the possibility of someone making a payment, benefitting from the ad and/or free features, but planning from the start to request a refund).

Have any questions about advertising on iSaintJohn? Please contact us


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