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About Us

iSaintJohn.com and kvOnline.com are services of GammaWave Internet Solutions of Rothesay, New Brunswick.

By creating "virtual communities" for Saint John and the Kennebecasis Valley, we allow local businesses, organizations, and residents to go online with a centralized, high-traffic, local web site. Through iSaintJohn.com, you can have a web site developed, or simply advertise online, and be sure that you'll reach an audience with an interest in the region.

For more information about GammaWave Internet Solutions, visit our web site at www.gammawave.com.

iSaintJohn.com receives thousands of visitors per day, and as our site grows, it will have many times more!  If you want a fast and easy way to market to Saint John area residents or others interested in the region, this is the place to do it.

We offer a variety of ways for you to advertise online:

Banner advertisements (such as the ones above) are featured prominently throughout the site, and we have very affordable rates.

You could create an ad that links to your own web site, or simply advertise a special sale (like a regular print advertisement). You also have the option of making them animated to include detailed information and to catch visitors' attention.

For more information, please email gamma@gammawave.com, use our submission form.

Web Site Hosting

For more information about putting your business online for as little as $5/month, visit our web site at www.gammawave.com.

We also offer special discounts to not-for-profit organizations (in some cases, free web hosting) and other non-commercial web sites.

GammaWave Internet Solutions
140J Hampton Road, Suite 309
Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada
Phone: (506) 640-2330
Fax: (506) 849-2734
Email: gamma@gammawave.com
Web Site: www.gammawave.com